Wrong Habits to Lose Weight

Annoyed because the needle on the scale was also moved to the left? Perhaps because of this habit still do. Anything? Do not make a habit of one of the weight loss. What I habitual one lose weight? There are a few things you should know that this habit wrong in losing weight, including the following:

1. Lots of eating salty foods
Not only fatty foods and sugary foods that you need to subtract, foods that contain lots of salt also need to be muted. But can lead to hypertension, too much salt in the body making body fluids retained. As a result, your weight does not go down and down.

2. Too insistent
The hormone cortisol during stress will stimulate the exit of appetite, slow metabolism, and increases the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Relaxation, such as listening to music, laughing with my friends, yoga, massage, or a walk in the open air, can reduce stress. Do one of these activities at least 10 -15 minutes each day.

3. Often stay up
A US study says lack of sleep will increase hunger hormone and decreases satiety hormones. Another study added that people who sleep less than 4 hours a day had a 73% chance of suffering from obesity was higher than those who slept 7-9 hours per day.

4. Eat not at the dinner table
Eating while watching TV, reading a book, or typing on the computer makes you not be able to enjoy the food. Finally, you are easily tempted to scavenge something delicious chew. Calories that enter the body was finally difficult to control. So that food can be enjoyed, try always eat at the dinner table.

5. Lack of movement
While working, you can be a bit of exercise, for example, by stretching the legs and hands. Criss-cross or swing-swing your legs and arms while sitting in a chair 2-5 minutes every hour interval. This activity is able to provide additional energy burning than you just sit neatly on a chair.
You may lose weight, but you should pay attention to how to lose weight the right. Want to know how? Stay tuned to the blog this diet!